SEO Optimization Services

Professional SEO company, SEO Zooms offer best SEO packages on most affordable cost. We consists a team of white hat SEO professionals with SEO service strategies mainly using content marketing resources to bring high quality organic visitors who will be focused and targeted audience most appropriate for your business needs.

How we developed and shifted to a target audience phase in SEO

When we were struggling to achieve some points in business conversion rates, our united thoughts and discussion evolved a decision to run a pilot SEO campaign using content marketing ways and enabling the resource as WordPress blogging. Before there was a wordpress blog with huge number of visits from various parts of the world. But the client was not happy from it’s third month even there was huge improvements in number of organic visits, traffic ranking improvements, page authority achievement and by the award of better Google page rank. The main worry was about business conversion rates and number of business queries the site was achieving. Our marketing team conducted few review discussions and meeting regarding the law rat of conversion of query. After a deep analysis of report made from Google analytics, its various user navigation reports and records, our expert marketing team identified that the age group coming to the website to search engines were not up to potential visitors to ask for a service. There was huge number of organic visits, and number of pages views were also positive. Then we decided to change all plans and started long tail keywords aiming targeted audience connected to profession and location. After a decent re optimization works we submitted a new site map with updated page titles and descriptions. The change or the improvement in query conversion was excellent.

Power of our SEO Team Leaders

We got SEO team leaders who have experience in optimizing huge web projects to one person company websites. The experience in optimizing and building the brand name, constitute a huge power for our current clients. Our group discussions and website analysis activities make our SEO team to adopt best seo strategies to our projects. We regularly update with most latest SEO information and actively participate with world famous SEO forums, communities, Blogs, videos and Google web master help forum discussions.

SEO services by SEO Zooms

Contact 0091 – 9020807078 for getting SEO optimization services from SEO Zooms.


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