SEO Charges and Work Plan of SEO Zoooms

Nobody (even Google) can guarantee prior positions in Google search results for a particular keyword. For example as the project comes in the start up SEO category, choosing monthly package with $500 per month will be better. It includes identifying maximum relevant keywords and optimizing website for maximum organic visits. Both on page and off pages works including social media marketing (using social media like facebook, twitter etc) PPC campaign management, Blogging, article submission and all other off page campaigns.

What we do for monthly charges

We study about the nature of the business/ service and conduct keyword research, analysis and choose business targeted keywords. Then we study about the demand, competition and business conversion possibility of those keywords.  We study about the leading competitors for particular keywords in organic area and study their potential, influence, reputation, level of visibility, page rank, traffic ranking, search engine ranking, quantity for their feed, contributing factors etc.

Conduct on page works for insuring better crawl and Cache.

Off page works for better indexing

Credible link building, blog posting on relevant topics, Social book marking for promoting and achieving better social signals, popularity signals and for better web presence.

We provide consultation services for companies who already got some man power and resource persons. We can provide better consultation, guidelines and advices for on page and off page optimization and for conducting relevant campaigns. Those companies already having SEOs, Social Media marketers, content writers, can opt for consultation and technical advice option sparing just $25 per hour in which the company team can get some tips and develop their own SEO optimization skills intellectually, which will be more useful for their upcoming projects.

Choose best seo package for your website

SEO Package





Type of website

Less Competitive Keywords

Moderate Competition / Dynamic Sites

Highly Competitive Keywords

Multiple / Crucial Projects

Costing (Monthly)

Rs 15000/-

Rs 25,500/-

Rs 30,500/-

Rs 40,500

Hours of Work / month






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