SEO Power up by Relation Building

It is our human nature to avoid all obstacles in our path if we are challenging in our profession. SEO is professionally a challenging job. I think there can not be a single SEO in the world who have not done any wrong ways in their practice. We all do hundreds of foolish activities from our childhood. Later when we acquire knowledge only we will realize that a good percentage of our efforts were in wrong direction.

All those wrong things are not caused due to our attitude of behavior. It may be due to lack of information. In the long run of easy methods, 100% of people will look for short cuts. Later only we will realize that we were going in a wrong direction. We will certainly laugh if think about many activities we have involved in school days and during our childhood. I have decided many time to publish and share some of my funny experience in my personal blog, which I had in my childhood days. Bud due to lack of time I have not done any thing except one of bitter experience I had recently with my previous company.

When we start doing SEO practices, there were many sort of activities like link building, keyword stuffing etc as easy tricks to achieve quick listing. But in my case I have been doing many sort of web traffic creation campaigns for many of my blogspot blogs by sending links via emails, sending URLs via social media groups, yahoo messenger friends etc. I used to get more than 2000 visits per day for few of my photo blogs.

In my later life in online marketing and blogging areas, I learned other tactics connected with search engine optimization basically title and meta tag optimizations. After a period of SEO practices with combined activities like content optimization, image optimization, I learned about the tricks related to building back links. But my professional life changed lot of my SEO methods. When I understand the power of content in doing search engine optimization, turned good content marketing tactics to my professional SEO projects.

Building of Relations benefits lot in SEO

seo-relationsIf you wish to get best results using search engine optimization, you need to get good trust from different directions. The best and main trust is trust achieving from users. For getting better trust you need furnish your website in a most impressive manner. Write your page titles to attain maximum  attraction from the search users. Use the descriptions in a converting manner. Provide good navigation options for your user. Produce good quality content which is user friendly and always impressive. Try to build up good relationships with your friends and relatives. Keep all relations live to utilize maximum benefits. If it is possible to get direct relations into your website from more trusted individuals, it is going help you more than any back link reputations you have achieved.


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