5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing is the newest mechanism that is adopted by service providers on the internet. This media is considered to be the most widely adopted mechanism by new entrepreneurs as large numbers of people are dependent on the internet. Social media is also considered as a hub where the general audience can be found. There are large masses of people taking part in discussions, forums, groups who help the online entrepreneurs to find their potential customers. Moreover the crowd accumulated over these websites is much more than any other website. For example, Facebook has become one such hub which connects half of the world. And people participating in Facebook like, comment, share, refer and point to different links generated on the web which is actually a social media marketing campaign by different entrepreneurs. So promotion and updating of services and products become easy through social media.

When there are large numbers of benefits that you can enjoy from social media marketing, there is always the requirement of little extra care so that you do not get trapped in wrongly spread ideas. Imparting the right ideas to the audience is much important than just imposing it over them., There are few mistakes which one might cover during a social media marketing campaign. They are covered in the next few lines.

Failing to keep a Good Social Relation

If we deeply analyze the process of social media marketing, we can understand that the social relations are used for stimulating basic platform for interactions. Interactions and responses work as the commencement program for the promotional activities. If a profile is not able to build up good social relationship, the possibility for further actions in social marketing are very less.

Non targeted Campaigns

If a marketing campaign is conducted without any prior planning, such as detailed study about the audience, possible potential areas to promote a product or publish contents connected with campaigns, then the campaign is said to be target-less. If you are looking for a particular age group to whom you want to sell or promote a product, identify the age group which can be the potential customers. Sometimes it is beneficial to use proven tactics to reach out to potential customers.

The Sledgehammer Method of Social Media Marketing

Sledgehammer mentality in marketing has proved to be successful in driving results in the past years. However with respect to the behavior of the customers and recent business researches, it is found that a tactic, irrespective of being costly and unproductive, works just because this is what they know.


Unprofessionalism is a just another mistake which might cause your marketing strategy to go wayward. It is always essential to keep your targets set and not forget to be a professional. Through your official Facebook page, you can post brand activities and update regular feeds. However posting off-color jokes on Facebook will no doubt lead to more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, but your business will not be profited from it. Therefore before launching a space in social media always learn to be professional.

Lack of Regularity

Social media is a fast moving world and therefore your post from last week is outdated. It is always important to post fresh content in the websites so that you do not get out of the minds of the people.


Spamming is like an irritant and is responsible for letting you lose your valuable clients. No one likes to see the same post again and again. So post fresh and updated content regularly for attract more customers. Moreover applying cheap mechanisms like getting installed automatically and starting to get downloaded automatically will also lead to customer irritation resulting into the loss of customers.

Posting Boring Stuff

Make sure you don’t do the mistake of posting outdated things that have been seen before. Check out news sites and blogs in your industry to make sure you catch all the things that are going on, that your customers would want to know about.


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