White, Grey, Black – Why do SEOs wear so many Hats?

If you are an expert SEO Analyst, I am sure that you are familiar with the terms White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat practices. But if you are beginner, I am pretty sure that you must be wondering what are these Hats in SEO. Hats are nothing but simple tactics that are used to indicate ethical and unethical ways of practicing SEO to help your site in search engine ranking. It is a vital requirement to know what to do and what not to do as an SEO  analyst. Get to know more about SEO Hats  and which hat you must adopt in order to get a high rank.

black hat white hat and grey hat

Have you ever wondered why your site rank so low in-spite of doing everything you can! It can be the small mistakes that comes under black hat category which pulls your site far down in ranking. So take care of every minute possibilities of spamming so that you save yourself from the punishment and penalties of google.


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