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Nicy Joy SEO Analyst, Thrissur

bing-webmaster-toolsBing Webmaster Tool allows you to see a quick overview for all your sites added to your webmaster account. It provides data for webmasters to use and address potential SEO issues, and serves as the primary mechanism for Bing to communicate those issues to site owners. Bing webmaster tools helps the website owners to index the website in Bing webmaster index. It is a free software of microsoft provided to webmasters for submitting their sites. It gives SEO reports of your sites and information related to the site submitted in it.

How to add a site in Bing Webmaster Tool?

  • For adding a site to Bing webmaster tool, you should need a microsoft account.
  • Sign in the webmaster tool using the Microsoft username and password.


  • Enter URL and sitemap URL of your site and click add button.Add_a_Site_-_Bing_Webmaster_Tools
  • Verify your site


  • Copy the meta tag and add it in theā€¦

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